Take Action


Use these chants on the picket line to demonstrate your union solidarity.

Email us with suggestions for chants.

Call & response chants are indicated with parentheticals.

Exploitation ain’t the way,
(Writers gotta get fair pay!)

When I say Union, you say power

And if we don’t get it
If we don’t get it

Ain’t no power
Like the power of the union
‘Cuz the power of the union don’t stop

Hey hey! Ho ho!
(This corporate greed HAS GOT TO GO!)

Who’s Got the Power?
(We Got the Power!)
What Kind of Power?
(Union Power!)

Hey [Studio]! You’re no good! Pay your writers like you should!

Tell me what democracy looks like!
(This is what democracy looks like!)

(To the tune of Don’t Drop That Thun Thun)
Don’t cross that picket line
(Don’t cross that picket line!)

What do we want?
(A fair contract!)
When do we want it?

Livable wage is under attack!
What do we do?
(Stand up, fight back!)

When writers are under attack! What do we do?
(Stand up, fight back!)

On strike, shut ‘em down!
(LA/Hollywood/New York/NYC is a union town!)

Fists up, Pens down
(LA/Hollywood/New York/NYC is a union town!)

We’re fired up!
(We won’t take it no more!)

Who’s got the power?
(We’ve got the power!)
What kind of power?
(Union power!)

Up up with the workers,
(Yeah, Yeah)
Down down with the bosses
(Boo, Boo)

Network/studio bosses, rich and rude
(We don’t like your attitude!)

(We won’t take it anymore)
(Studios, negotiate!)

The Writers! United! Will never be defeated!

I believe that we will win
(I believe that we will win!)

[Studio], escucha
Estamos en la lucha!

Whose stories?
(Our stories!)

Everywhere we go
(Everywhere we go)
People wanna know
(People wanna know)
Who we are
(Who we are)
So we tell them
(So we tell them)
We are the union
(We are the union)
The mighty mighty union
(The mighty mighty union)
Fighting for justice
(Fighting for justice)
Fighting for respect
(Fighting for respect)

No wages!
(No pages!)