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How to Support the WGA

Writers are facing the most comprehensive assault on compensation and working conditions that they have seen in a generation. The studios have taken advantage of the transition to streaming to underpay entertainment industry workers, including writers in every area of work. Like too many working people across our economy, as corporate profits grow, writers are just not keeping up.

Stand with the 11,500 WGA members who write and produce the TV and films that entertain the world! 

Here are some ways to show your support for the WGA in our ongoing fight for a fair contract.

Organizations & Elected Officials

Use the form on this page to sign on your organization and publicly endorse our contract campaign. Indicate your organization’s primary contact to receive WGA updates on campaign developments.

See who's supporting us in our contract campaign.

Social Media

Support us on social media using this social media toolkit and by following our official accounts: WGAW Twitter, Facebook, Instagram | WGAE Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Urge the companies (Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Discovery-Warner, NBC Universal, Paramount, and Sony) to end the strike by giving writers a fair and equitable deal.


Lend your voice and energy by joining writers on a picket line.

Local Businesses

If you're a business owner that would like to help WGA members and other entertainment workers with a special offer, send us an email.

Support Entertainment Workers

Donate to the Entertainment Community Fund, which assists all entertainment workers affected by the strike.

Purchase WGA-Branded Gear

Buy a union-made, official WGA-branded shirt or hat to show your solidarity.